The Holding Project

The Holding Project is a large-scale, concertina book structure that consists of multiple panels that hold individual responses to the questions:  “What makes you feel safe?” “What makes you feel unsafe?” This structure allows the book to expand infinitely as individuals add responses, cumulatively creating a community response. The Holding Project appeared at Momentum Arts Festival, the Toledo Lucas County Libraries and other locations in 2021, and will be exhibited at the Toledo Museum of Art Library, University of Toledo Carlson Library and Toledo Lucas County Main Library in 2022.

Artists Ashley Pryor Geiger, Barbara WF Miner and Lee Fearnside created The Holding Project as a response to the increasing polarization of American society that makes it difficult to share experiences with violence. We turned to the larger community to create a dialogue about feelings of safety and unsafety, and how these feelings about community shape individual’s lives.

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