Death Never Dies

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This anthology mourns 27 public figures who died in 2020 with essays and poetry by 40 writers paired with relief print portraits. Some may have been celebrities for decades, while others found international attention through their deaths, but all shaped our perception of our world. The public figures mourned range from Eddie Van Halen to Ellis Marsalis Jr., George Floyd to Jim Lehrer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Kobe Bryant. Contributing writers include poets laureate, a screenwriter, playwright, artist, educators, activists, journalists, a chef and storytellers.

Mourning celebrities may be a way to mourn something larger. We don’t know these people, after all, but they often have significance in our lives. By reflecting on people through words and images, this project asks who and what do we want to say goodbye to, and who and what do we want to remember. Together, these images and words help us understand our relationships to each other and to ourselves during this tumultuous year.

148 pages, paperback, 7"x9", ISBN: 978-1-7320964-5-5

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