Advance Praise: Kristine Maltrud

O! Relentless Death!  Celebrity, Loss and Mourning is a compendium of tributes to celebrity artists, journalists, writers, athletes and political leaders who died in 2016.  The poignant words of 23 separate authors  describe not only the relentless loss of significant celebrities and public figures in 2016, but also the loss, mourning and disorientation that many of us experienced after the election of Donald Trump.  Each written piece is accompanied by a linoleum print of the celebrity, created by the collection’s authors, artists Lee and Andrew Fearnside (who are sister and brother).  The prints are beautiful–sometimes raw, sometimes literal and sometimes transcendent, reminding us of the grief that accompanies every human life.

–Kristine Maltrude, CEO/Founder of ArtSpark, Albuquerque/San Francisco

Advance Praise: Bert Crenca

There is no way to objectively capture in totality the zeitgeist of the moment, year, decade. O! Relentless Death makes no such attempt, the work is purely subjective, beautifully so. Lee and Andrews’ illustrations reverberate with essence. The sum of the individual reflections does no more than demonstrate meaningful touch points that help to define our individuality.  In all a wonderful testimony of a brief moment in time of a lovable but flawed species.

–Bert Crenca, artist and founder of AS220, Providence

Advance Praise: Sarah Rainey-Smithback

For many on the left, the political upheaval of 2016 was exacerbated by what seemed like an endless parade of celebrity deaths. David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher… these were our heroes, the entertainers we turned to for solace when the realities of inequality, war, and violence began to feel like too much to handle. O! Relentless Death! Celebrities, Loss, and a Year of Mourning offers readers poems, short stories, reflections, and images to help process the grief of losing so many public figures.

–Sarah Rainey-Smithback
Associate Professor of Cultural and Critical Studies
Bowling Green State University

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